Background: you want to raise funding to ensure your organisation growth and find the most suitable investments to support innovation projects.

TECHNOFI assists you in preparing business models and business plans needed to convince investors (from the early stage to the growth phase)

TECHNOFI assists you in developing communication supports to make novel knowledge accessible and understandable by potential users. Some of the dissemination portals designed and operated by TECHNOFI:

  • INNOVATIONSEEDS: interactive portal for environmental new knowledge coming from publicly funded projects at EC level
  • GridInnovation-on-line: facilitating knowledge flows and exchanges among new, ongoing or completed research and innovation projects contributing to innovation on Smart Grids (see R&D roadmap).
Background: You need assistance to identify the commercial opportunities of the results coming from your R&D projects.

TECHNOFI assists you in reaching the first sales. It involves:

  • Analysis of the business risks
  • Analysis of the market potential
  • Analysis of the competition and positioning of the innovative product or service against competition
  • Analysis of the most suitable business model to reach potential users
  • Analysis of the investments needed to reach the first sales
  • Construction of “investor ready” business plans
  • Analysis of your intellectual property rights and protection