TECHNOFI helps its (private and public) clients to collectively shape roadmaps to support the development of innovation portfolios. Such roadmaps help reinforcing team’s motivation for an effective prioritization of innovation investments.

It covers:

  • the shaping of long-term prospective visions
  • the positioning of your innovation portfolio with respect to competition
  • the design of development plans
Background: You are a company manager and you would like to shape your innovation portfolio

TECHNOFI assists you in the design and the implementation of your innovation strategy:

  • Define challenges and milestones
  • Conduct SWOT analysis on the foreseen innovation projects
  • Structure the investment needs
  • Build realistic action plans with quantified progress indicators
Background: You are a technology-oriented SME and you would like to reposition your innovation strategy.

TECHNOFI relies on Symple®  to set up team dynamics that:

  • define development plan
  • adjust the internal organization to implement those plans
  • monitor the progress
  • adjust the development strategy to meet early adopters needs